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taking a look, you can see that it's made of brick here. and because of the solid structure, the good news is that the fire didn't spread to the entire building, but within that one apartment, it did fill it with a lot of toxic smoke and fumes and affected them even quicker than it would have had there been more insulation here. the cause is still under investigation. we can tell that you four families have been displaced including eight adults and 11 children. the red cross is assisting those folks. back to you all in the studio. new from overnight, an american cia agent does not have diplomatic immunity in a murder case. raymond alan davis is accused of shooting two pakistanis who were trying to rob him. they say he can be charged. the next trial court hearing set for march the 8th. four dead and 30 wounded after an overnight explosion in
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northwest pakistan. the bombers targeted a police van while it was on patrol. the explosion also hit nearby houses and vehicles. so far no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. >> it's 4:31. tom is here with the latest on the forecast. another very cold start to the day. a nice day yesterday, so we're hoping it warms up again. >> march is so cruel. it taunts us. briefly felt like spring for a couple of hours, but now right back to wintry cold conditions. it's below freezing throughout the entire region except southern maryland, just a little above freezing right near the bay. it's in the mid and upper 20s to near 30 right near washington, but farther west and north, low 20s. and look at the windchills. it feels like 17 degrees in washington. we've had winds gusting to around 20 miles an hour. windchills in the teens and low 20s. we do have a mostly clear sky now. we have an area of high pressure
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that's over us again here and it will give us plenty of sunshine today, but much colder than average temperatures. there's the washington monument under will clear sky and by 9:00, we'll still probably be below freezing and winds will settle down by noon. briefly touching near 40 by midafternoon. and then back down to the upper 30s under a clear sky. turning cold again tonight. your night planner coming up at 4:41. how is traffic? pretty good shape. had a bunch of overnight road work on the beltway over northern virginia. traveling both directions between arlington boulevard on up toward's eye sons corner, a lot of construction affecting both directions with two or three lanes closed both inner loop and outer loop, but all of that should be picked up by 5:00. top side of the beltway, no early hang ups there.
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edsel road at picket, water main break. that stretch west of 395 completely closed off to traffic and we'll keep you updated on that as well as things progress. hugo chavez is now trying to bring an end to the crisis in libya. he's offering to create a group of nations to mediate the situation. chavez wants to create a commission from latin america, europe and the middle east to negotiate a deal between gadhafi and rebels in that country. chavez and gadhafi are close friends. there is no word on whether gadhafi has agreed to chavez's offer. david cameron is turning to a former british leader for advice on libya. he's been secretly consulting with tony blair who is in washington right now. cameron is reportedly asking blair about how to make gadhafi step down. as the violence continues in
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libya, wikileaks is reporting another recent battle brewing there this one within the gadhafi family. according to documents released by wikileaks, a dispute over a coca-cola plant sparked a demonstration. the plant was shut down for months after troops loyal to one of the sons seized control of the facility. one of gadhafi's sisters eventually became fed up with the feud and then brokered a deal between her brothers. the man suspected of leaking u.s. classified video and documents to wikileaks is in even more trouble this morning. the army filed # 22 new charges. the 23-year-old is being held in quantico. if convicted, he could face life in prison or even the death penalty. new today, the man accused of shooting and killing two u.s. air men will be in court. president obama says he's outraged over the deadly shootings at an airport in germany. a 21-year-old man opened fire on
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a military bus outside the frapg further airport yesterday. two others were injured. officials say he's from kosovo. family members describe him as a devout ms. luslim. the man who assassinateded robert f. kennedy has been denied parole once again. a board member said he was, quote, not responsive, very impulsive in his actions and needs more work. the panel recommend he get help for his anger management problems, as well. he's eligible again in five years. a northern have a are a teacher will appear in court on child pornography charges. kevin ricks was charged last july with possessing and transporting child pornography.
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he was also accused of having sex with a 16-year-old boy. for that i needed guilt it toy an idecent liberties charge. animal control is on the lookout for a pit bull that attacked and killed a small dog. gwendolyn says she took her cat and medium pincher for a walk two weeks ago. rocky was on a leash and that's when a pit bull came up from behind and jumped on the small dog. she tried on save her dog but couldn't make it. p. >> i kept banging and he wouldn't let rocky go and he took my dog all the way across the street and i'm running like a crazy woman. >> rocky's injuries were so severe he had to be put down. the tan and white pit bull with a pink collar ran off. plans to make maryland the sixth state to legalize gay marriage seemed to be back on track this morning.
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the house judiciary committee is set to vote on a bill later today. the committee was supposed to vote earlier in the week but two delegates held out. they say their concerns have now been addressed and they're ready to vote. if it passes, it will then go to the full house for a final vote. governor o'malley has said that he will sign it if it passes. vincent gray is ordering a top down review of all appointees in his administration. the mayor wants d.c. police to give each person a complete background check. the sudden change in policy cans a week after gray fired special assist aunt following reports about his past legal troubles. city policy had been to perform background checks on cabinet appointees only. ahead on "news 4 today," a spike in grime outside of daycare centers. how busy parents are putting themselves it at risk. also the bitter cold is back. how far we've fallen overnight. and next a sweet store with some celebrity backing about to some[ son ] my parents about to always lived in the states,
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there's a new cupcake shop in town. the well-known california based bakery is opening a shop on m street in georgetown. there will also be a sprinkles van driving around d.c. today handing out free cupcakes. the new store is at 3015 m street, just two blocks from other popular cupcake shops,
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george up to and baked and wired. is it possible to have too many cupcake shops some. >> not at all. i would like each. i need try it because i need compare to the rest of the ones i love. i'll just follow around that truck. a coal day, though, to stand outside. >> yeah, you need to layer up this morning. we had a brief spring fling yesterday, but now much colder and it is clear. we've got a bit of a blustery wind and the temperatures are down to just near 20 degrees. areas just west and north of washington right close to washington upper 20s, reagan national at 30 degrees. and the wind coming out of the north and west at around 20 miles an hour. so it's feeling a lot colder. windchills in the teens to near 20. under the clear sky, there's the washington monument. by 9:00, still believe freezing and a bit breezy, but the winds will settle down and temperatures will climb to near 40 briefly by midafternoon. then right back down into the
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mid-30s by 7:00 under a clear sky, then by midnight, it will be right near freezing again, then by dawn on friday, mostly cloudy, the upper 20s. a look at friday, the weekend at 4:51. how is traffic? big problems in northern virginia this morning. water main break closes down edsel road inside the capital beltway. also you may find part of van doren street closed off, as well. but again for sure edsel between picket and van doren closed because of the water main break. on the interstates, making the trip on 270, no worries southbound headed on done through rockville, smooth sailing. one more stop, along 95, both directions around dump fridays, try anxious he will looking good. still to come, the stretch of road that has become so bad police are adding officers to
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catch aggressive drivers. p. also paying if plastic. who is proposing a new bag tax? >> and the next major announce wa
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welcome back. we'll find out the best time to see those cherry blossoms this year. organizers are expected to announce their prediction for the peak blooming period. this year marks the 99th anniversary of japan giving the u.s. the cherry blossom trees as a gift. almost the end of the regulation time now. nfl owners and players will try for one more time today to avoid a work stoppage. both sides will sit down for a tenth consecutive day. the collect it cba expires tonight. if an agreement is not reached
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soon, the nfl may have to begin caps link regular season game for the first i'm in more than two decades. >> to the fans, we'll get through this and our commitment is to get an agreement, a fair agreement that's good for both sides as soon as possible without any disruption to the season and we'll fully focused on that goal. >> the owners and players are still at odds on several issues including a rookie wage scale and whether to expand the regular season from 16 games to 18 games. ohio is a step closer to stripping nearly 350,000 public workers of union rights. the bill is similar to the wisconsin bill that has sparked national debate. firefighter its, teachers and other state employees voiced their opposition in clup bus. the bill would also prevent them from going on strike. ohio's republican controlled house is expected to pass the legislation sometime next week.
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federal government workers can breathe a sigh of relief this morning, a brief sigh of relief. president obama signed a temporary bill that will keep the government in business for at least two weeks. the bill features $4 billion in spending cuts and avoids a shutdown tomorrow when the current funding runs out. joe biden is expected to mediate further budget discussions between both parties as early as today. it's 4:47. today maryland lawmakers will discuss adding a dime a drink sales tax increase on alcohol. supporters of the increase say the tax increase would not only reduce union dder age drinking, would also increase funding to mental facilities. they would have to pass the increase on to customers. two-thirds of maryland supports the move. and next week county exec it differences will unveil a five cent fee for paper and plastic bags at county grocery stores.
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he says it is intended to reduce the amount of waste on county roads. if approved, the fee would take effect in january of 2012 and raise about 1 plld in the first year. 4:48 is the time. new today, president obama will meet with mexican president calderon at the white house. the two will discuss a wide range of topics from immigration to the economy. the visit comes a little more than two weeks after a u.s. federal agent was shot and killed in mexico. the attack raised questions in the u.s. about mexico's ability to control violence. a warning it to parents in montgomery county this morning. police say a thief is breaking in to cars parked outside of daycare centers. they're looking for a map that stole items from unlock cared as parents ran into pick up their kids. there were lee incidents reported in december and one in february at two different daycares. police say the suspect was also captured on store surveillance camera trying to use a credit
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card stolen from one of the cars. 4:48. seven members of a a errority accused of hazing will be in court. a pledge told police that she was assaulted and beaten during her initiation this past fall. sorority has been suspended pending the outcome. a terrifying scene as two boats of high school rower stas are theed taking on water. they were practicing. the head coach was nearby and called d.c. harbor patrol who arrived in minutes to rescue the teams. no one hurt, but definitely shaken up afterwards. >> i was really scared. i thought i was going to get hypo herm i can't. so i didn't know what to do. we started yelling for help. it was extremely cold. i couldn't feel my legs. >> meeks says a strong headwind
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combined with choppy water is what caused that problem. during last year's earthquake in haiti, one of the country's oldest cathedrals was destroyed, but the smithsonian is helping to ensure that the cathedral murals are safe. they depict scenes from the new testament to figure out the best way to move them without damaging them. the 85-year-old saint trinity's came thooe dral was demolished by last year's earthquake but the mural the have stayed mostly inta intact. 4:50 now. the alexandria school board could make a major step toward deciding whether to start the next school year earlier than usual. the board is expected to vote on whether to ask the state per nation to open schools on august 29th, a week before labor day. supporters say starting earlier in the year would allow each others more time on prepare students for ap exams and other standardized tests. opponents say the earlier start could be inconvenient for
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parents. the schoolboard is also debating whether to make school days longer. and tom is here now as we approach 4:51 for another look at our forecast. going to stay cold all day? >> yeah, it sure is. it's not thursday day, it's brrs-bay. what a dramatic change from yesterday when we briefly touched low 60s. now it's down to the upper 20s, close to washington, fairfax, only near 30. 30 by the bay. but farther west and north, only upper teens to near 20. louden, howard, washington, up around northern shenandoah valley, pan ham, the windchills down into the teens. right now windchill in washington 17 degrees. would he got a wind gust to go around 20 miles an hour. and it is going to stay this cold here for at least another three or four hours. it will take a while to warm up. right now out of mountains of
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western maryland, west virginia, many locations only near 20. and over the last 12 hours, the weak front came through yesterday that changed the wind, brought in the cold air that's going to be in place here with generally a dry pattern. it is very dry. now as we take a look here, our sky is clear over the washington monument and by 9:00, it will be in the -- right around the low 30s, but just a little bit above freezing after that and breezes will settle down by noontime. by then in the mid-30s and by midafternoon, should be near 40 for a brief time, then back down into the thirt by 5:00. sunset at 6:03 and our sunrise 6:38. still mostly clear by mud night, near 30. then upper 20s and mostly cloudy starting off friday morning. during the day friday, afternoon highs climb to go near 50. mostly cloudy. mostly cloudy again on saturday. but a bit milder then a likelihood of rain coming in late saturday night, perhaps after midnight, and then through the day on sunday.
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enough rain that may cause flooding. highs in the 50s. looks like it will dry out, though, for monday and into tuesday and wednesday with somewhat milder temperatures, back into the 50s by then. you can follow the forecast on twitter. northern virginia authorities dealing with an early morning water main break, edsel road between van doren and picket does remain closed. that stretch blocked off. authorities have set up a little bit of a detour, van door ran is not affected, those lanes are open. we're doing okay south of town to the wilson bridge. the overnight road work on the virginia side has been wrapped up. 395 all the way into downtown, smooth sailing so far. heads up for drivers in northern virginia. police there are cracking down on aggressive drivers. officers are out in unmarked cars. they say they're looking for
4:54 am
everything from reckless driving to illegal lane changes. the annual crackdown is known as let's eliminate aggressive driving. or l.e.a.d. it runs lieu march. it's now 4:54. charlie sheen's tv show may be on the back burner, but his pop layer i on the internet is skyrocketing. the actor just joined twitter monday night and already has close to 1.1 million followers. he's been posting tweet at all hours of the day an says face it, folk, you just feel better when you say it, winning. in addition he posted several new pictures. one showing a restaurant with the charlie dog on the menu. charlie sheen has been headline news since his erratic behavior for theed the caps lags of his hit show 2 mf men oig. if you thought you were over the salahis or that her finished in the world of reality television, think again.
4:55 am
mikhail and tareq salahi are going to appear the next season of celebrity rehab, the vh-1 show entering its fifth season. it's not cheer what the salahis might be recovering from. other people slated to appear on the show are former new york pitcher dwight it gooden and michael lohan. i have a sick bag ready for you at any moment. >> sounds like a wonderful group of folks. coming up at 5:00, how a new surge is already aiding in the search for a criminal. plus tensions flare in a local neighborhood. and surprise guest.
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ky assure you, bill, that we're delighted to be here to watch you hang. >> welcome back. former president bush made a surprise rip back to washington to honor former senator leader bill fritz. a portrait was revealed yesterday. the ceremony included dick cheney and donald rumsfeld. and newt gingrich is taking another step closer to running for president.
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today gingrich will hold a press conference to announce he's entering an exploratory phase for a presidential candidacy. a spokesman for the former house speaker says gingrich whether begin raising money to test whether a bid for the gop nomination is feasible. he stopped short of setting up an official exploratory committee which would make him an official legal candidate. we now know what caused explosive scare in fairfax county. a realtor found what she thought was dynamite in a false church house yesterday afternoon. police now say it was only a box of road flares. neighbors evacuated for a couple of homes while the bomb squad checked it out. a nearby elementary school was also on lockdown briefly. >> honest mistake. caused a lot of ruffled feathers, though. stay with us. "news 4 today" continues right now at 5:00.
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